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Our Top 3 Online Store Builders 2024

  1. Best Online Store Builder 2024
    32,544 reviews
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  2. 90,388 reviews

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  3. 6,421 reviews
    Very Good

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Top 3 Shopify Plans From 2024

  1. Most Popular
    32,544 reviews

    • For small businesses & individuals
    • Everything you need to create your store
    • Get basic reports about your store
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  2. 32,544 reviews

    • The easiest version of Shopify
    • Sell products on social media
    • Access to essential features
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  3. 32,544 reviews

    • For medium to large companies
    • Lower transaction fees
    • Custom report generator
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All Tested Online Store Builders 2024

Best Online Store Builder 2024
  • Customizable online store, set up in minutes
  • Marketing tools and social integrations
  • Fast and reliable one-click checkout
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Best Design Possibilities
  • Over 900 designer-made templates
  • Wide range of ecommerce features
  • Highly reliable and secure
Easiest Online Store Builder
  • Create an online store within 10 min
  • Perfect for small business owners
  • Free support in English
Very Good
  • Store with secure checkout
  • Hundreds of customizable templates
  • Unlimited support 24/7
Very Good
  • Award-winning online store templates
  • Integrated marketing tools and analytics
  • Easy payment setup and management
Very Good
  • Extremely simple and secure
  • Google Shopping & Facebook Ads
  • Create it yourself or with a designer
Very Good
  • Simplest tool for fast online store creation
  • 40% discount on all premium plans
  • 24/7 phone & live chat expert support
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  • Patented online store builder tools
  • Business online in no time
  • Personalized support
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QuickStart Online Store Service
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Your Guide to Choosing The Best Online Store Builder

There are several options for online store builders on the internet, but what’s the best option for you? It's important to take different aspects into consideration for the most successful outcome. In this guide, we have compiled all the essential criteria to ask yourself that will assist you in your quest to find the perfect online store builder for you to create a successful online store!

Remember what your aspirations are for your online store. Many of our options have different areas of expertise, so picking an online store builder with features that are aligned with your priorities is a must-have mix. 

What Do You Need To Look For?

  • Ease of Use - Different online store builders have different user-friendly tools and resources, so it is important to choose one that you can navigate with ease! Look for online store builders with interactive interfaces (such as WiX) that do not require coding skills.
  • Customisation Tools - Choosing an online store builder that has integrated design and customization options is always a great idea, as it is a great solution for you to keep control over your brand identity and make the changes you want. WiX has 800+ professional templates to choose from, or create your own from scratch! Remember, customisation is key as your store develops and changes over time.
  • Built-In Analytics - Choosing an online store builder that tracks all the essential data for your store, such as  is a must-have feature for any successful business - Shopify and WiX have their very own integrated analytics such as inventory, sales and product analytics which will not only make your life easier as you will be able to make data-driven decisions to drive your business. You will also have effortless access to essential information that will show you the progress and scalability of your business over time!  
  • App Integration - Social media integration and online stores go hand-in-hand, and as your business expands, it's important that the online store builder you choose is equipped to handle your developing needs so if you choose to use a specific app in the future or update something, you can do so seamlessly!  Shopify supports hundreds of different apps and plug-ins and WooCommerce has an incredible library of extensions to use.
  • Integration With Current Tools - If you are expanding an existing page or plan to migrate your online store to another platform, then it's important to find an online store builder that works amazingly with your current stack. Will the online store builder you chose be able to easily integrate with third party applications and everything you already have to increase the functionality of your store? 
  • Mobile Friendly  -  We live in an ecommerce world where mobile phones are used to make purchases, so it’s essential that your online store is accessible on a mobile device! Don’t miss out on any customers who like to show on the go and unlock the true success of ecommerce  - Shopify is a staple for ecommerce and has excellent tools that are suited to helping you scale your business as it grows. 
  • Ecommerce Options -  Don’t miss out on any customers or revenue and unlock the true success of ecommerce with online store builders with advanced e-commerce options that will drive your conversions such as pop-ups and advanced marketing features. WooCommerce and Shopify are excellent choices as they support a variety of extensions and tools.
  • SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimisation is a vital ingredient to growing your online presence, so it's important to pick an option that will assist the growth of your business! If you're especially SEO focused, WiX has highly-rated SEO tools where you can optimize your store, look for features such as customisable meta tags and sitemaps.
  • Customer Support - Having access to support to keep your online store running smoothly is a necessity to keep your customers happy!
  • Inventory Management - You want to make sure that your inventory is  managed with features that allow you to track product availability, stock and importantly, receive notifications when items are running low! Multiple platforms have their own inventory management (WiX, Shopify, Ecommerce). You also need to make sure that if your inventory grows your store builder can support these changes to avoid limitations. 
  • Payment Options -  To have a successful store and reach local and global customers, your online store must work with different payment gateways and provide the most popular options, such as VISA and ApplePay. Otherwise at checkout your  conversion rates will suffer! Many online store builders support hundreds of payment options and integrated Point-Of-Sale Systems.
  • Shipping & Fulfillment - To keep your customers happy, you should invest in an online store builder such as Shopify or WiX that has advanced shipping and fulfillment integrations that ensures that shipping is seamless and quick. Shopify has its own highly-rated fulfillment service which is an excellent option to keep everything on track.
  • Security & GDPR  -  You want your customers to feel secure and trusting of your site, so having the right security measures is essential and an obvious need.


Keep your budget in mind when choosing your online store builder. If you are building your first store, you may look at the cheaper options to save money, but does it have all of the key features you need? Will the platform you choose allow you to scale and monetize from your business as it grows in the future? If you choose to expand your business into different platforms, which takes time and money, then you need an online store builder that can accommodate this.

Remember, choosing an online store builder is an investment in your business, so take your time to find the one for you!

Try It Out

Many of our options include free trials which offer you the perfect opportunity to spend time exploring the various online store builders and decide if it suits you! Shopify is currently offering a 3 day free trial that allows users to try out their platform. 

Many online store builders also include demonstrations and tutorials on their website, this is a brilliant way to get familiar with the different features and discover which one works best for you and your business, you’ll never know what truly works best for you until you try. 


It’s great to consider options that are suited to the needs of your business, but it is not the only wise step you can take. Looking over reviews left by other customers who have used the online store builders you’re interested in is an optional, but very helpful way to make your decision. Taking time out of your day to read over reviews provides you with more in-depth information and offers valuable guidance and recommendations from other users that have been in your shoes and can support you with your final decision.


Once you've chosen an online store builder, you can start building your store! Be sure to keep your target audience in mind when designing your store, and make sure to include all of the important information, such as product descriptions, pricing, and shipping information. You should also promote your store through social media, email marketing, and other channels.

Introducing Shopify Sidekick

AI ecommerce expert at your fingertips

What is Shopify Sidekick?

Shopify has recently introduced Shopify Sidekick - an AI-powered personal assistant and ecommerce expert. Sidekick has been crafted with an advanced knowledge of all things ecommerce, making it an incredibly useful tool for creating and maintaining a successful ecommerce store. It is available 24/7 and has incredible conversational abilities so you can ask Shopify Sidekick any questions and get a response instantly. Shopify Sidekick also has the abilities to seamlessly and productively perform tasks for you, follow instructions, check data and even complete your to-do list. always have an intellectual source of knowledge by your side. 

In the innovative world of AI, Shopify Sidekick has incredible abilities that will streamline and enhance the functioning of your online store. The knowledge of economic trends, ecommerce information and high-speed responses make it a reliable assistant that is available to you anytime and anywhere. Lessen your workload with no effort. Want to make a price change? Want it to generate a product description for a new product? Sidekick will help. 

What can Sidekick assist you in?

  • Customer insights and engagement 
  • Check your data analytics 
  • Inventory management 
  • Writing capabilities (great for product descriptions)
  • Shopify expertise and advice 
  • Design changes 
  • Work on your to-do list 
  • 24/7 availability 

What makes it different from any other AI?

AI is all around in our technology-filled world, but Sidekick is one of a kind. Sidekick has all of the Shopify knowledge you could ever need, and it is available to cater to your online store anytime. It also plays an active role in your online store, performing tasks efficiently and following instructions.